Posted on Jun 25, 2020

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If you’re in Austin TX 78705 and have or want to get an asphalt roof, read this brief post – you’ll learn a lot of things. There must be at least one person who’s tried to discourage you by pointing out that this material is quite heavy. That may be true, but the cost of installation and materials is usually much lower than that of other roof types. This is the biggest pro of asphalt.

Daring DIY enthusiasts try installing asphalt roofs themselves. Some succeed, others fail. Ace Roofing Company - Roof Repair & Replacement is proud to offer state of the art asphalt/fiberglass shingle roofs that are made of mats (cellulose or fiberglass) and minerals and asphalt. These are much better than roofs made of a single material like clay or wood. Modern shingles have fiberglass mat beneath an asphalt cover. The top layer of the roof is made of granules providing top weather protection. The composite tile layers work together to form a waterproof, durable, and flexible shingle.

More info about our asphalt/fiberglass shingle and other roofs is available at or 512-836-7663.

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