Posted on Jun 30, 2020

Ace Roofing Company - Roof Repair & Replacement

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To reroof or repair, tis the question. If your roof is getting old or has been damaged, deciding whether to replace it or have it repaired can be very difficult. How do you know when you need to put a new lid on things or simply patch them up a bit? Ace Roofing Company - Roof Repair & Replacement has a few quick guidelines for you to get you started.

Begin by weighing the upsides and downsides of your options. Both re roofing and repairing have their pros and cons. Repairs typically cost less because you don’t need to spend as much on materials, labor, and disposal. They also take less time. On the other hand, getting a new roof installed means a 25% longer lifespan of all used materials. If you decide to reroof, you will have warranty protection for labor, materials, or both. For most homeowners, reroofing is a once in a lifetime thing.

We have been helping homeowners in Austin TX 78617 make this tough decision for many years. Learn more at or by calling 512-836-7663.

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